Cotton jersey is an easy to look after material with natural stretch that lends itself especially well to the contemporary silhouettes.

Katsuragi, a denim weight cotton, is often used in the production of our trousers and jackets. It softens with age, lending itself to an authentic, lived in look.

The discovery, development and selection of superior fabrics are fundamental in our mission for the highest quality clothes. All of YACCOMARICARD’s fabrics are sourced in Asia. The foundation pieces of each collection are made in cotton lawn, cotton broad, cotton jersey, silk and katsuragi.

Silk from Thailand is chosen for its subtlety of colour, which is brought about through the garment dye process and creates an understated but luxurious addition.

Cotton lawn features richly throughout the seasons, being crisp and lightweight it offers itself to pleating and pin tucking beautifully. Often partnered with cotton broad, a tightly woven thicker weight that holds shape and is great for sculptural pieces and panels that need less transparency.