Dine With Us - Unagi Kabayaki and Miso Soup

We are lucky enough to have been invited to join director of Yaccomaricard Japan, Sei Watanabe, for another of her Tokyo home based dinners, as cooked for her by Yaccomaricard founders Ricardo and Mari Watanabe.

The Japanese diet is universally considered to be one of the healthiest in the world, and one of the most prominent factors contributing to this is its richness in fish - fresh, cured, smoked or salted.

Kabayaki is a special preparation of fish, typically unagi (eel), which is cut into fillets, skewered and dipped into a glossy sweet soy-based sauce before grilling over charcoal. Ricardo san, who cooked dinner almost every night throughout lockdown, accompanied the Kabayaki with Donburi (a bowl of fluffy white rice), a freshly made Miso soup studded with shijimi clams and fermented pickles. Meshiagare - Japanese for bon appétit!

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