The Island’s Jewels - mangoes from Miyakojima in Okinawa

During lockdown our head office designers and patternmakers set to creating as many masks as they could from leftover fabric at Yaccomaricard HQ in Tokyo, which were then given away free. A number were sent to close friends of director Sei Watanabe, who live on Miyakojima Island in Okinawa - and last week she received a very special gift in thanks of her kindness.

The perfectly clear surrounding ocean laps in waves of emerald blue against, what are noted as, some of the most beautiful shores in Japan; however, it is actually the fruit, or more precisely mangoes, that the island is most famed for.

Subtropical climates make the perfect environment for the cultivation of fruits, and thus the island is dotted with incredibly hard-working farmers, who owe as much to their dedication as they do the ocean breeze, for the production of mangoes so perfect that they are sought after worldwide.

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