We visited the Japanese Galleries at the British Museum, London

A short walk from the illuminated lengths of the West Equind, and a thousand miles away in character, sits the majestic columns of the British Museum deep within the heart of Bloomsbury.

Hidden away inside is a treasure trove of global artefacts, considered to be one of the most extensive in the world and presented to explorers by location in a maze of rooms primed for discovery. From Ancient Egypt to Rome, from Africa to the Middle East, travel up the sweeping the staircase and we've arrived at our destination - Japan.

A quiet tranquility blankets visitors as they ascend the stairs into the Mitsubishi Corporation Japanese Galleries, which reopened in recent years after nine months of refurbishment to enhance the display of some 430 artworks and archaeological and historical artefacts from ancient prehistory to the present day. 'Together, these objects tell many of the significant stories about Japan’s past and how it has interacted with the wider world, encouraging us to enjoy a deeper engagement with its present and future.'

The British Museum is sadly now temporarily closed due to Covid 19 regulations, however you can experience its delights online.

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Japan in London


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