We talk inspirations and influences with illustrator and Yaccomaricard London forever family member, Saba Lashay

Many of our Marylebone friends will be familiar with the bright eyes and buoyant smile of Saba, who shone her warm light over our time at no. 37 Marylebone Lane, but were maybe not as familiar with her creative depths. The arts and all that surround it run through the very heart of our organisation, and we celebrate and place immeasurable value on being a strand in the journey of the creators, like Saba, we have been lucky enough to have as part of the Yaccomaricard family. Her drawings feature on our thank you card which accompanies each order placed online.

Having first put pencil to paper at the age of three years old, it is quite clear that drawing has woven its way throughout Saba's life - hand in hand, life inspiring art and art inspiring life. She notes the inspirations for her pieces as being observations, random conversations, love, loss and music, and although these are the very components that create the human soul, it is a dreamlike and ethereal feeling one is left with after absorbing one of Saba's inky artworks.


Here are a few of the quick fire questions and answers from our chats with Saba...

When did you first fall in love with drawing?
I started drawing when I was about 3 years old. 
What are your influences and inspirations?
Observation from life, random conversations, love, loss and music are my main inspirations. 
Where did you study?
I have a bachelor's degree in Interior Design from American University in Dubai.
What is it that you love about ink?
The precision and details which I can add to my drawings. 
What is your creative process?
I've learned that forcing something out on paper helps get the ball rolling. Even if it's a weak idea, it starts a chain and somewhere down the line you end up with the good stuff.
What is coming up for you in the future?
I'd love to write/illustrate children's books. 
How/where can customers buy from you?
AT the moment I only sell my prints on Etsy. 
Lots of love,
Saba xxx

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